ECM Order & CPL Programming Fax Form
Heavy Duty Powertrain Inc.
5090 N. Oak Road
Davison, MI 48423

Call 810.653.6300 or Fax Orders to: 1.810.653.8929 USA
Vehicle: Year, Make and Model of Truck______________________________
Make & Model Engine Serial #______________or Cummins CPL# Sample (1574-435hp) CPL (4- Digits) ______
Part# of ECM______________

Transmission Model: _____________

Desired Horse Power:  ______

Rear/Axle Ratio:__________ or Make & Last 8 of VIN: _______________

Tire RPM’s: _______ or Tire Size: ________ Standard or Low Pro (Circle One)

PTO RPM MAX: ___________

Max MPH: ___________ (Max. is 99mph)

Other: __________________________________________________

Credit Card #: ________________________ Exp. Mo./Year: ___/___  Verification # ___

Exact Name on Card                               Ship To Address:

____________________________                 Company: ___________________________

____________________________               Attn/Dept.: ___________________________

_____________________________                 Address: ___________________________

Your Phone: __________________              Phone#:   __________________________

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